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WUF is a non-profit association dedicated to the development of sustainable initiatives that combat the social problem of abandoned dogs in Peru. To achieve this, the following activities are carried out:

1. Adoption promotion and shelter support: They support 8 independent shelters so that their dogs go out for adoption and can have food.

2. They carry out sterilization campaigns in low-resource areas to avoid uncontrolled reproduction of dogs.

3. Educate children and adults on responsible ownership to avoid abuse and that more dogs end up on the streets due to lack of responsibility of their owners.

4. They work together with political actors to work on legal reforms that guarantee the welfare of dogs and help combat overpopulation.

5. They organize volunteers to help the shelters they support to be able to give a better quality of life to the dogs they have.

6. They provide platforms to adopt and sponsor dogs easily and with many benefits in return. Adoption platform: www.clubwuf.pe . Sponsorship platform: www.clubwuf.pe


They seek to sterilize 300 dogs in vulnerable areas. Sterilization cost per dog: S / 50. They cover the veterinary services and medicines required for the procedure and recovery of the dog.

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Location: Lima, Peru

Web page : http://wuf.pe/

Facebook : @somoswuf

Instagram : @somoswuf

How to help?