Meet wawa laptop

The lack of access to technological tools and ICT training in teachers of public educational entities are limiting the development of cognitive skills in students, delaying their adaptation to a society in continuous technological evolution.

In Peru there are more than 8 million school-age children, 6.3 million of them study in public schools and 2.5 million children belong to households that do not have access to a computer.

WAWA, the first laptop developed in Peru, which is powered by a portable solar panel, is made with eco friendly material and uses free software (Linux); Aimed at democratizing access to technology and narrowing the equative digital divide.

We want the campaign: "Donate a Wawa Laptop, educate a child" to help more than 700 families to have access to technology and benefit 1,100 children so they can develop their virtual classes. The identified families belong to 19 departments of Peru and are waiting to receive a Wawa Laptop.

Information of the #AllyDonape