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The Villa Vida Center for Adolescent Mothers is committed to the recovery and comprehensive development of child mothers, victims of sexual assault, through the strengthening of their life skills and technical-productive capacities for the realization of their life plan.


They also work in Educational Institutions of Villa Maria del Triunfo, under a prevention approach, so that children, adolescents and their families improve their knowledge and practices, which reduce sexual and domestic violence towards them.



Adolescent mothers and their children receive comprehensive care in the foster care program of the Adolescent Mothers Center, where they strengthen their life skills and positive parenting for their children.


They also learn to set goals in life, as a result of their participation in psychotherapeutic sessions of containment and support, socio-educational sessions.


At the same time, during the permanence of the girl mother and her children in the program, they have access to basic health services, nutrition, recreation, civil documents, stimulation, clothing, sessions of attention to families for reintegration, and training. productive technician for their economic self-support.


Through this Prevention Program, children and adolescents and their families from state educational institutions in the Villa María del Triunfo district, improve their knowledge and practices to reduce sexual and domestic violence against them. In turn, teachers are trained in the use of methodologies for the prevention of sexual and domestic violence.


In addition, adolescent leaders and parents are also trained to be key actors in violence prevention at school and in their community.

The Villa Vida Center for Adolescent Mothers Prevention Program also promotes the organization of a system of educational counselors, made up of teachers, student leaders, and parents to provide counseling in schools.

Christmas campaign

Viila Vida is looking to acquire kitchen implements and textiles for the production of panettone, skirts and masks for its Christmas campaign.

With this, mothers and children will be able to develop comprehensive skills for upcoming Christmas as well as knowledge in the textile industry.

This donation ends the 24th of december


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Location: Lima, Peru.

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