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UMA's main interest is to reduce the conditions of vulnerability faced by women in Peru, whether due to situations of poverty, violence or unequal opportunities. UMA's proposal is to empower women to promote their economic independence, through the marketing of handicrafts in the global market.

Its objective is to ensure that the talents of the artisans allow them to leave the vulnerable conditions and often extreme poverty in which they find themselves. Uma's success is achieving that the woman is physically, psychologically and financially empowered. They know that her talent can take her and her family very high

UMA offers clients the opportunity to co-design with Peruvian artisans, and customize products according to their preferences. Currently, they are working with more than 50 artisans from Ayacucho communities in the sale of 3 categories of products: 1) textiles, 2) altarpieces and 3) Huamanga stone. They seek to promote the sale of handicrafts in the local market and later in the international one.


Ayacucho crafts, one of the richest in Peru, have mainly three categories:

  • Textiles: The Ayacucho textile sector is characterized by its Andean colors and its embroidery with a unique style.

  • Altarpieces: Pieces of art that show the tradition of Ayacucho teachers. It is the most representative expression of Peru.

  • Huamanga Stone: Stone similar to marble but softer and more translucent, extracted from quarries located in Ayacucho. It is an expression of art with an important historical and artistic career in the city of Ayacucho.

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"Force to Continue" Campaign: The main source of income for many artisans in Ayacucho is the sale of handicrafts, which is why they have been seriously affected due to the current situation. Uma pledges to support them and launches a campaign to financially help 50 artisan families.

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Location: Ayacucho, Peru.



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