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TANI is an organization that seeks to transform early childhood services in the country. To do this, they offer high-quality care to families in vulnerable situations that allow them to learn the best practices in education, health and protection to ensure the growth and development of the whole family.

The TANI family has been growing day by day to be able to reach more families in San Juan de Lurigancho. Annually, they impact 15,000 families. Each work area is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who make the best of themselves available to users. Respect, commitment and responsibility are the values that define each member of TANI.


Innovation in education

They offer innovative strategies in initial education, primary and secondary education that allow not only educational development, but also good health, safety, emotional stability and recreational spaces. TANI strategies contribute to the achievement of dreams, the achievement of studies and the construction of a healthy life.

Maternity and adolescent fatherhood

They implement strategies that promote the development of adolescent mothers and fathers. To do this, they offer accompaniment, emotional support and development opportunities to build future plans that allow them to finish their studies, start a career or develop an enterprise.

Children's Health Care Center

The TANI Medical Attention Center provides high quality services for families in vulnerable situations in more than 50 communities in San Juan de Lurigancho. Wellness strategies focus on the patient, their environment and their day-to-day challenges.

Child Development Center

The successful early childhood development program allows the construction of a wellness community to learn about early childhood, health and protection together with families, allowing the construction of a solid family bond, and a first quality nutrition that ensures their growth.

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