70% of the times we intend to help, we don't end up doing it

It's time to change that


Why don't we end up helping?

Información donar

We lack information

Over 50% of respondents say they don't know who needs their help

Tiempo donar

We lack time

Over 20% of respondents say they stop at the first inconvenience

Introducing dona pe is the first non profit platform in Peru that not only informs you about charities and their missions, but also tells you exactly what they need, and allows you to donate to them without leaving your home.


We want helping to be easy

How does it work?


Charity profile

Once you choose who to help, go into their profiles to learn more about them. There you can also learn about what they need and add it to your donation cart.



We will send you reports when your donation goes through the different stages to get to the final beneficiary, including purchase order and final arrival.


A list of charities that need your help, classified by their cause so you can choose to support the issues you care about.

Ong donar

Donations cart

Much like an ecommerce, add all your intended donations to your cart and finalize check out. You will receive a donation confirmation, and we will later tell you when it gets to the final beneficiary.

Reporte donación

What do we achieve with this?


For donors

We make donating a much easier and faster process. Plus, through our reports, we seek to give the donor the full feeling of trust and satisfaction that should come with the impact they create.

For charities

We impulse recurring donations through our post donation reports. Also, we give larger exposure of charities and their needs, potentially creating better opportunities and optimizing the donation chain.


For their areas of influence

We elevate the impact caused by charities, and, through local procurement to small businesses, stimulate local economies.

For donor companies

We maximize the impact of corporate donations by assigning them to the best possible beneficiary within our portfolio. We also improve corporate image through public communications.

¡dona ya!