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Rescatando Rescatados is a group of civilians and animal rights defenders who have organized to help the 3 Amazon wildlife rescue centers in Iquitos (Loreto), so that they have the necessary resources to take care of their refugee animals and in the future be reintegrated into their natural habitat. Due to the state of emergency, the shelters have lost their main source of income and, despite all efforts, the animals are still at risk. There are more than 300 endangered animals housed in the 3 shelters, and annually in Peru more than 4,000 animals are illegally extracted, of which only less than half survive. With your help, they can support the shelters to continue rescuing more animals and give them back the freedom to live without barriers.


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Animales extraídos de la Amazonía ilegalmente

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Location: Iquitos, Peru

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Facebook : @Rescatando Rescueados

Instagram : @rescatandorescatados

How to help?