Puertas de emergencia

Join us in bringing a message of solidarity to the families of the sick by Covid

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Meet Puertas de Emergencia

Emergency Doors is a volunteer platform that brings food, shelter and emotional support to the families of patients admitted for emergencies. Since 2016, they have gone out at night to share a total of more than 300 thousand snacks in 7 hospitals in Lima.

Its team is made up of more than 120 people, young people, adults, between 15 and 75 years old. For more than 4 years they have gone out 3 nights a week carrying a snack prepared with great love for the relatives of patients treated for emergencies in 7 hospitals in Lima. They also share with the night shift staff that allows a hospital to operate.

Due to the situation, they have had to focus and condition their help towards the relatives of Covid patients who spend the nights outside the Hospitals. They bring blankets and protection kits: masks, soap, alcohol gel.

They can also donate through their platform by clicking on the following button.

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Location: Lima, Peru.

Web page : http://www.pemergencia.org/

Facebook : @ PuertasdEmergencia

Instagram : @mergency doors

How to help?