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We are the NGO Proyecto Peruanos Association
We have the mission of empowering young leaders to carry out social projects, fostering solidarity among Peruvians. We have achieved various projects that support vulnerable populations in our country and now in the face of Covid-19 we are looking for new ways of support.

Volunteering changes lives!

At Proyecto Peruanos we believe in the potential of all people, the motivation of all those involved in the management of our programs is our main engine. Therefore, our methodology is based on the double impact: volunteers and beneficiaries. We seek to generate solidarity awareness in our volunteers and develop a sense of belonging in our beneficiaries.


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Home Project (Since 2007)

It is a voluntary initiative dedicated to the construction of long-term homes for families in extreme poverty and vulnerable towns.

The goal is to provide a decent home to Peruvian families and offer a transformative experience to our volunteers.













Incubator (Since 2020)

It is an incubation program of voluntary initiatives where we offer mentoring, access to networks and back office. We support social initiatives so that they can maximize their impact, with the aim of fostering solidarity through volunteering and recruiting young Peruvian leaders.


The initiatives belonging to the Incubator are 100% voluntary and respond to the needs of the population, situation and / or interest of the volunteers.













Rebuilding Lives (Since 2018)

Together with 3 partners and with funding from the European Union, this project is created in response to the El Niño phenomenon of 2017 to serve the district of Cura Mori - Piura.

Our goal is to achieve the economic reactivation of families displaced by the floods. We generate and promote new business opportunities for women and youth in the community.




Families benefited in Cura Mori


Initiatives incubated that promote education in our country









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General Manager

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Marketing and Fundraising

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Finance and administration


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