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For a Better Peru (PUPM) is a project that was born in the midst of the quarantine crisis, since many students had to go from learning face-to-face to virtual without any preparation. Children and youth from all over Peru paralyzed their learning because they did not understand anything. That is why PUPM gives free, virtual and personalized tutoring to children and young people living in poverty, in order to reinforce and accompany the education they provide in schools.


PUPM promotes ethics, commitment, passion, empathy, solidarity and dedication. All these values achieve that the feeling of Pride for Peru is reinforced. So also its motto is "We put on the shirt for your education.


They have taught more than 2,800 tutorials, benefiting children and young people from all over Peru.

The project is based on:

  • Tutoring Area: Volunteer tutors who are assigned between 2 and 6 students each. These tutors coordinate the consultations with their children and youth. The volunteer uses the material from "I learn at home" and from his "PUPM Materials Bank", which is updated as the tutorials are dictated and according to the bibliography they find.

  • Workshop area: "Art and Culture" and "Sports" volunteers who dedicate themselves to holding workshops every other Saturday to promote these skills inside and outside their project.

  • Pedagogical Counseling Area: Volunteers who support the Psychology degree, with emphasis on the Clinical specialty, advise tutors who have any problem with their students. If there is a case that requires special attention, they refer you to “Merakids”, an NGO with which they have an alliance.

  • Human Talent Management Area: Support volunteers from different careers carry out the volunteer selection processes. These processes allow them to choose the right people to provide constant advice and support.

  • Donation Management Area: Volunteers are dedicated to finding donations and giving them to the children who need them most. Thus, they want to ensure that all children and young people have the necessary materials for their tutoring.

  • Other areas such as: Finance, Legal, Customer Experience, Alliances, Information Technology, and Public Relations. These provide support to the entire organization.

Thanks to all their support and tutoring areas they are sure that they will achieve a positive change in the education of Peru. And you, do you wear your shirt?

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Location: All the departments of Peru

Facebook : @porunperumejorvol

Instagram : @porunperumejorvol

How to help?