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Meet Perú trasciende

Trasciende is a virtual vocational anti-fair (completely free), for all young people who are about to finish school or anyone who is looking for a new direction. Likewise, it is also aimed at teachers and families who accompany the student in their decision-making process.

Why anti-fair? Because this fair is not the typical academic fair that focuses only on what to study, but on the importance of why and why to do it.

This event was born from an initiative of young professionals and university students who, in a pedagogical alliance with CALA Educación, accompany other young people who are going through a moment of great uncertainty in the current crisis.

The anti-fair

The event will be made available to everyone through virtual platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in the mode of live transmission on Monday, August 31, Tuesday, September 1 and Wednesday, September 2 from 4 to 8 pm for students; and Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 August from 6 to 9 pm for parents and teachers.

During the broadcast they will present seven experiences that respond to their purpose of accompanying young Peruvians in their personal discovery, so that they can build a transcendent life project, taking the crisis as an opportunity, encouraging them to work together for a better world and more. sustainable.

  1. Vocational GPS: Series of 5 videos that help young people answer questions such as: Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I called to?

  2. Stories with a purpose: 9 speakers will tell how they found their vocation throughout their history, what they are passionate about, and how they put their lives at the service of others.

  3. Careers that Transcend: 19 speakers from different technical, university, or entrepreneurial careers will present the different paths they chose to carry out their vocation.

  4. Debunking myths: The antifungal is to question everything. Therefore, through conversations doubts, fears and myths will be broken.

  5. Academic offers: Information about universities, institutes, courses, scholarships, financing, etc., to make the best decision.

  6. Challenges: We invite you to present an innovative solution to multidisciplinary challenges, aligned with the 17 SDGs proposed by the UN.

  7. Webinars with teachers and parents: Experts provide tools to improve the guidance and accompaniment of young people.


Trasciende is a reality thanks to the work of more than 60 volunteers, who dedicate their time, effort and knowledge. This is how the event is partially funded; however, there are costs they cannot afford. So they count on you through this collection.

Its objective is to cover 18,160 soles that will be used for logistical expenses for live broadcast and communications on its platforms.

To date, they have confirmed 13594 students and their goal is to reach more! For each donated package, 26 students will be able to enjoy the transmission in the best quality they want to offer.

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Location: Peru

Facebook: @perutrasciende

Instagram : @perutrasciende

How to help?