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Its actions and efforts as an organization seek to contribute to quality and comprehensive education for the children of the communities in Pamplona Alta, where they develop their education program focused on reading habits and control of emotions; and events like Back to School (school starts) or Christmas in Puquio.


Faced with difficult times that the country is going through, they seek to provide aid. During the 2017 coastal child phenomenon, they decided to provide support with food and labor in Chosica and Huarmey.


This quarantine period, due to COVID-19, has generated that several families in the communities with which they work no longer have the possibility of paying for household food expenses. For this reason, Peru Goal will donate baskets to families in the Cerro Vede community, and for this we request donor support to cover the cost of the baskets.

Educational program

Through 4 modules they give sessions to children from communities in Pamplona Alta: reading habits, emotion control, care for the environment and health and hygiene


They celebrate 3 events in the community throughout the year:

  • Back to school: back to school where the importance of education is explained

  • Mother's Day: tribute to the mothers of the community.

  • Christmas: celebration of the birth of Jesus


They support families in difficult situations such as the phenomenon of the coastal child in 2017 through labor (volunteer work) in Huaral and Huarmey; and now through quarantine (COVID-19), delivering baskets to families in the community.

Campaign "Alto Progreso"

The purpose of the Alto Progreso campaign is to provide supplies for the 3 common pots in Alto Progreso as many days as possible. Per day these pots feed 327 people.

  1. Virgin of Guadalupe common pot: 127 servings

  2. Common pot High progress lower part: 149 servings

  3. Cristo Vive common pot: 71 servings

Perú Goal
Perú Goal

Perú Goal
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