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meet Patas Unidas al Rescate

Patas Unidas al Rescate is a project that was born as a result of the need to act in the face of so many cases of abandonment and public complaints of animal abuse. His goal is to get them to recover and trust humans again, so that they can be adopted by a new family where they have the love and care they deserve.

The help they provide ranges from the rescue of the dogs to their adoption:

  1. They organize all the logistics of the rescue: Contact with the complainant, analysis of the case to act always ensuring the safety of the dog, organize the rescue day and go with leashes, water, food and a group of volunteers to receive the dogs and take them to the vet

  2. They seek greater awareness and visibility of these cases through their dissemination by mass media and social networks, recording the entire case with photos and videos.

  3. They make sure to rehabilitate the dog with the necessary veterinary care: exams and medicines as required, as well as its sterilization. In addition, they are pending that they have a good diet and all the accessories they need (beds, straps, plates, blanket, clothes, etc.)

  4. They look for temporary homes for the puppies until they can find a family that wants to adopt them.

  5. They advise more citizens like us, so that they can become rescuers from where they are and with the resources they have.


They seek to rehabilitate and sterilize the 9 dogs of the Enclosed Case in order to get them a new home.

Information of the #AllyDonape

Location: Lima, Peru.

Instagram: @patasunidasalrescate

How to help?