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Meet love dispensers

Love Dispensers is a non-profit organization founded on Friday, June 5, 2020. Its mission is to feed street dogs using food and water dispensers installed in different areas of the country. Each dispenser installed has a volunteer in charge. The volunteers are people who are part of the team, their objective is to watch over the dispensers on a daily basis and not leave them to their fate, to keep them clean, as well as to supply them with water and food through the donations that the organization receives. Each donation is published on social networks. The long-term goal is to install 500 food and water dispensers nationwide.

Love Dispensers have 3 programs for you to help them:


With your donation they can raise funds to make more love dispensers.


What do you have to do to become one?
1. They will send you a form to fill out with your information.
2. You will make a single donation of S / .50.00 to the account registered via BCP, CCI or YAPE.
3. Each godfather / godmother will be able to see their donation reflected in their stories, post and on the poster of each installed dispenser.
4. There is no need to volunteer once a dispenser has been sponsored. They will take care of finding one.

You can join with your best friend, your partner, your mom, your dad or with any person you want. Remember that with each dispenser in place, you will be helping to improve the lives of all those homeless puppies.

donate food for a month for 80s /.

All food dispensers are supplied through the donations we receive. By donating a sack of food to them, they can supply an installed point for a month.

Information of the #allydonape

Location: Lima and Callao, Peru

Facebook : @dispensadoresdeamor

Instagram : @dispensadores_de_amor

How to help?