Meraki Peru is a Non-Profit Civil Association of the health sector established in 2016 in order to meet three objectives during the exercise of its duties:

Give free health to all people who need it.

Provide health education.

To come to the aid in emergency situations due to natural disasters.

As a background of our work, we mention some of our most outstanding projects in different parts of Peru and the world:

  1. Attention in the Ecuador earthquake in Manta.

  2. Mobilizing medical-logistical equipment, and more than 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Piura - Niño Costero.

  3. Attention in frost areas in Cusco and Puno.

  4. Attention in the highest populated center in the world at more than 5100 meters above sea level, called "La Rinconada".

  5. Attention in frost zone in Betania, Huarmicocha and nearby places in Yauyos at more than 4600 masl.

  6. Attention in malnutrition areas in Ayacucho.

  7. Attention in South Sudan, among others.

Information of the #AllyDonape

Location: Lima, Peru. It operates in regions of Peru and abroad.

Web page :

Facebook : @ ongmerakiperu

Instagram : @ ongmerakiperu




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