Boys and girls are the heart of our work

Meet the san camilo home

The San Camilo Home seeks to promote the path of comprehensive health, where the value of life prevails in people and families affected by HIV and AIDS, who live in extreme poverty in the peripheral and depressed areas of Lima, Arequipa and Huancayo.


Lighting a life

They seek to accompany the HIV-positive mother during her pregnancy, ensuring that her baby is born healthy.


HIV-positive people are welcomed and supported seeking their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual recovery, with the purpose of reintegrating them into their family and social environment.

Prevention and awareness

Through talks, workshops, training in schools, work centers, parishes, among others, about HIV and AIDS.


They seek to accompany and sustain adherence, seeking a quality of life and empowerment for people living with HIV, through homes visits from a multidisciplinary team.

Camilos life

Through early stimulation the mother-child bond is strengthened; Likewise, infant formula is offered to the newborn until 3 years of age.

Happy life

It seeks to improve the quality of life of children (from 3 to 12 years old) and adolescents (from 13 to 18 years old) living with HIV and AIDS. The cognitive and playful part is reinforced in them; In addition, there is a psychological, nutritional and entrepreneurial support.


We provide antiretroviral treatment to people with HIV and AIDS. Generating an alternative of professional and humanized care for PPVS.



Information of the #AllyDonape

Location: Lima, Peru.

Web page: hogarsancamilo.org/

Facebook: @SanCamiloHogar

Instagram: @hogar_san_camilo_peru