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meet Esperanza Callejera

Esperanza callejera is an organization that seeks to promote the adoption of street pets. In turn, they promote campaigns for the sterilization of stray animals in places identified with the overpopulation of animals, as the most ethical and responsible way to solve problems of overpopulation of dogs and cats.


Esperanza Callejera works hand in hand with rescuers, they support relief, healing, and treatment of abandoned animals. Their support consists of taking care of rescued puppies, financing their medical care, obtaining their medicines, paying for a foster home, and providing them with food. When their stray is ready to be adopted they look for a family for him. They constantly monitor the new family on their street map.


To get funds, they receive donations in money and sometimes donations in goods that they later sell to support the different expenses they have taking care of their street people.


  1. Sponsor sterilizations : The overpopulation of animals in the street exposes dogs to very harsh situations, from health problems to abuse. For this reason, they carry out and support sterilization campaigns in places with high rates of overpopulation of dogs and cats.

    • Each sterilization costs approximately 50 soles at a social price and includes the operation and medications.

  2. Veterinary care and medicines for the recovery of their rescuers: When supporting a puppy, it often requires veterinary examinations and treatment. Before giving him up for adoption they want him to be as good as possible.

    • Each rescued animal goes through a veterinary consultation, bath, haircut, blood tests, deworming, receives flea control, we cure its diseases and is vaccinated.

    • With 150 soles you can support them to pay for the treatment of some of the dogs they have.

  3. Food and lodging for the temporary: When they support a rescue, they take them to a temporary home and cover their food while they look for their permanent home.

    • With 200 soles you can help them cover the cost of the storm, their food and veterinary treatment until they find a family.

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Location: Lima, Peru.

Instagram: @patasunidasalrescate

How to help?