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Enséñame is a voluntary distance education program that seeks to support students without access to quality education to improve their learning process through academic and social-emotional support. Through WhatsApp video calls, phone calls, WhatsApp messages or videos, our team currently supports more than 1200 children and adolescents from different vulnerable areas of the country so that they can develop the skills and competencies required by the school curriculum.


You can support by donating mobile devices, televisions, radios, computers and / or tablets to offer to students who receive tutorials as part of the Enséñame program. 10% of the students do not have a smart device to be able to make video calls, so they do the tutorials by phone calls, which hinders the development of the class. In addition, most families have a cell phone for all the members and now that the parents are returning to work, the children are left without being able to have tutorials. Several students have stated that they do not have a television and / or radio so they cannot follow the government's education program Aprendo en Casa. In this way, the donations received will be distributed according to the most urgent needs presented by the students.





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Carolina Ciriani

Enséñame Coordinator

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Location: Peru.

Website : https://www.siguemevoluntariado.com/

Facebook : @ ensenamevoluntariado

Instagram : @ensename_voluntariado

How to help?