Meet the team!

Our journey with two Business Engineering students at the Universidad del Pacífico who wanted to apply their knowledge to the growth of our country. The team has now grown to 5 amazing people.

Rodrigo Rivadeneira - Strategy director

Business engineering student. Rodrigo has worked in marketing for start-up TuRuta, in Universidad del Pacífico as a research assistant and as part of  the finance team in AngloAmerican Quellaveco. Moreover, he has taken specialized courses in finance, marketing and academic research which make him ideal for his role in strategic planning.


Carlos Marchese - Executive director

Business engineering student. Carlos started working in Real Time Management, as a cost consulting intern, he ventured in marketing at TuRuta and later went to take specialized courses in social entrepreneurship and innovation at Université Libre de Bruxelles. Moreover, he has worked in project control and procurement at mining company Marcobre and finally in Project Design and Delivery in Scotianbank. His experience in various industries gives him the capacity to excel at’s leadership in the Executive Director role.

Alonso Rodríguez - marketing director

Marketing student. Alonso started working in marketing for the start-up TuRuta. He has helped within many organizations in Universidad del Pacífico like the Student Center, Academic Department Representative, among others. Later he has worked in the  ecommerce and marketplace at Diners Club. His experience in digital marketing and creativity make him ideal for his role as Marketing Director.

Marcelo Parodi - Logistics director

Bachelor in Business Administration. Marcelo has worked as part of the Logistics team in Buenaventura mining company. During his studies at The University of Queensland, he took courses focused on International Business, Globalization and Supply Chains. Moreover, he took part in the Community Engagement Program as team leader, assisting Queensland’s Police Department. His journey in aid programs, logistics and supply  chain have formed him to fulfil his role as Logistics Director

Daniela Kadena - Director of Communications

Communications student. Daniela has worked in communications in an education focused entrepreneurial project, Semilla Azul. Thanks to this experience and her studies in Universidad CEU San Pablo, in Madrid, she seeks to develop organizations that transmit the correct message in the correct manner to maximize impact and strengthen long lasting relationships. Her interest in her career and marketing make Daniela an invaluable asset as Communications Director.