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dando + is an organization that has been promoting the integral development of the person for more than 4 years and seeking to generate a change in the mental health in Peru. Its objective is to provide psychological assistance to people in a state of vulnerability who do not usually have access to it, in order to boost their personal, familiar, and social well-being.


They have organized 12 face-to-face projects generating a positive change in more than 479 participants and 191 volunteers. Currently, they are working remotely through virtual platforms to continue providing assistance to the people who need it most.

Project With You

They provide emotional support to the elderly (PAM) during the health emergency that the country has been going through in partnership with Pintando Sonrisas.

Pana Heart

They direct spaces for emotional containment for Venezuelans who are in vulnerable situations. We work with people from the Home of the Beatitudes.

Psychological Accompaniment

They provide emotional support, guidelines for working with children and adolescents and tools for teleworking for people who, due to the current context, have identified a greater need for individual attention.

Campaign "dando+ Support"

Its objective is to collect funds in order to maintain its virtual platforms, continue to spread psychological knowledge through its social networks, reach more people and be able to continue operating as an organization (administrative and legal costs).

Information of the #AllyDonape

Location: Lima, Peru.

Website :

Facebook : @dandomas

Instagram : @dandomasperu

How to help?