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Meet Creeré

Creeré is a non-profit organization that seeks to support the girls and boys of the AA.HH Torres de mina in Pamplona in their academic training and values. The population to which the programs are directed is children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years of age, who every Sunday receive the support of tutors for the preparation of assignments in courses that present academic difficulties. In the same way, they carry out playful activities that invite them to learn through exploration, creativity and games. They have been working with the Universidad del Pacífico since 2015, whose students are trained to act like older siblings and work directly with the children.


During these years, the organization has implemented the following programs for children to have an integral development.

school reinforcement program

This program focuses on enhancing the skills of each child during the months of March through December. For this, different activities are carried out in order to have better learning. These consist of the following:

  • Each volunteer teacher provides personalized academic support to a child who is part of the program, where the child works the subject that presents the greatest difficulty.

  • Playful workshops focused on values are held.

  • It is intended that children approach academic concepts in a dynamic and fun way.

  • Creativity and participation of all are promoted.

  • The dynamics are planned so that the child can generate a reflection on what has been worked on.

summer program

The summer program focuses on reinforcing the social-emotional skills of each child, during the months of January and February, through more dynamic activities.

  • Each volunteer teacher accompanies in a personalized way a child who is part of the program.

  • The skills associated with the emotional field are worked on and strengthened.

  • Workshops (art, impro, minichef) are held through alliances with other organizations.

  • A space for reflection is created so that the children can comment on what they have learned.

How to help

virtual classes

In the face of emergency remote education, Creeré's work takes on special importance. For this reason, it has adapted the academic reinforcement and recreational workshops to virtual mode. With your donation, mobile data will be recharged and together they will reach more girls and boys.

  • Free donation: S /. 5.00

  • 1 week of classes for a child: S /. 15.00

  • 1 month of classes for a child: S /. 60.00

  • 3 months of classes for a child: S /. 180.00

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How to help?