Let's help 5000 families in vulnerable situations


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Meet Crea +

Crea + is a professional volunteer in education and has 10 years offering free Divertimate classes and multidisciplinary workshops to children and adolescents, through a model that educates in values, develops skills and empowers talents in public schools in vulnerable areas of Peru.

Campaign: Donate to inspire

Given the situation, Crea + seeks to help 5000 families who have been affected by their economic situation, which has increased their vulnerability to access basic food needs.

With “Donate to inspire”, the aim is to bring food and hygiene items to the families belonging to the schools that go to Comas, Mi Perú, Callao, San Juan de Miraflores, San Juan de Lurigancho and Cusco.

For more information, they will be happy to answer you at yomesumo@creamas.org

Information of the #AllyDonape

Location: Lima, Peru. It operates in Lima, Callao and Cusco

Website: https://creamas.org/

Facebook : @Creamasperu

Instagram : @creamasperu

How to help?