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Conectar para Actuar is made up of a network of volunteers, donors, community leaders and neighbors whose objective is to connect wills with concrete support to households in vulnerable situations. COVID-19 has exposed the inequalities in our country.

Peru is the fifth country in Latin America with the highest index of multidimensional poverty. This would worsen after the fall in its GDP between April and June. In this context, Conectar para Actuar was born, whose main work has been to channel citizen initiatives that seek to carry basic baskets, supply common pots or take medical kits to populations in need. Its basic principles are networking, collaborative leadership, local empowerment and transparency. Her work has a gender perspective, respect for diversity and interculturality. They currently have an action in San Martín de Porres and Los Olivos, working together with Father John, leader of a local parish. The objective of this action is to bring a basket of (S / 150) to 105 families in vulnerable situations.


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Conectar para Actuar is led by an interdisciplinary management team made up of 6 women. Different volunteers participate in each action, so up to now they have worked with a group of more than 100 volunteers / action leaders, some of whom have gone on to work with them in the Directorates. Each action is made up of approximately 5-7 people, including a member of the management team.


Berenice Ariana Tejada O´Campo

Civil engineering

Donations Director

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Location: Peru

Facebook: @conectarparaactuar

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