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ARBA, Association for the Rescue and Welfare of Animals, is a non-profit protective association; legally constituted and independent of any political, religious, or social group, founded in 2008 and dedicated to the defense and protection of all animals.


As part of its objectives is to promote respect for all forms of life, protect animals from exploitation, abandonment and all kinds of mistreatment, end the cruelty of raising animals exploited for consumption, promote animal sterilization as a solution to abandonment and overpopulation and develop public policies and awareness and education campaigns.

They perform:

  1. Comprehensive Health Campaigns for companion animals: Aimed at dogs and cats in areas of need, in charge of collegiate veterinarians and volunteers.

  2. Sterilization campaigns for companion animals: Sterilization and post-operative treatment in low-income areas and with competent veterinarians.

  3. Awareness education, and awareness campaigns: For children, students, and companies on issues of responsible ownership, respect for all forms of life, breeding without cages, respecting the natural behaviors of all animals, sharing the planet with all sentient beings, etc.

  4. Campaigns promoting the change towards a vegan diet: Through talks and information on social networks, moving towards a plant-based diet.

  5. Campaigns to eliminate laying hen cages in Peru, we are part of Open Wing Alliance, our campaign is permanent Peru Without Cages: Developing strategies in the country for the elimination of cages in egg supply chains, awareness campaigns and education on all your digital platforms, and lots of material to end battery cage cruelty and meat industry cruelty.

  6. Public policy development: Working with other organizations in the development of bills.


The objective of the campaign is the reduction of overpopulation in low-income areas.

Of every 10 animals in Peru, 9 are abandoned on the streets, which is why more sterilizations are needed and more campaigns are organized to reduce abandonment.

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Location: Lima, Peru

Website :

Facebook : @ arba.peru

Instagram : @arbaperu