Animals and environment

Meet the allies at the service of the planet!

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In Peru there are more than 6 million dogs on the streets. WUF is a non-profit association dedicated to the development of sustainable initiatives that combat the social problem of street dog overpopulation in our country. We develop adoption, sterilization, education, volunteering and legal reform projects that allow us to reduce the number of stray dogs and improve the world for them.


Dispensadores de amor

Dispensadores de Amor is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to feed the street dogs through the water and food dispensers installed in different areas of the country. Its long-term mission is to install 500 dispensers.


Rescatando rescatados

Rescaiendo Rescatados seeks to support animal shelters so that they have sufficient resources to reintegrate animals into their habitat.


Asociación ARBA

ARBA, Association for the Rescue and Welfare of Animals, is a non-profit protective association, legally constituted and independent of any political, religious or social group, founded in 2008 and dedicated to the defense and protection of all animals .


Patas unidas al rescate

Patas Unidas al Rescate is a project that was born as a result of the need to act in the face of so many cases of abandonment and public complaints of animal abuse. Our goal is to get them to recover and trust humans again, so that they can be adopted by a new family in do

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Esperanza callejera

Esperanza callejera is an organization that seeks to promote the adoption of street pets. In turn, they promote campaigns for the sterilization of stray animals in places identified with overpopulation of animals, as the most ethical and responsible way to solve overpopulation problems.