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We are an organization that seeks the digital self-worth of the elderly. AMID started in 2016, inspired by the + Simple platform from Argentina. In Lima, we do not find digital inclusion spaces for older people, only digital literacy courses (computing).

We start with home tutoring. With the first topic curriculum, the next step was to take it to the CIAMs, with the first workshop in March 2017 at CIAM La Molina, then to the CIAMs in Miraflores and Surco. With private groups in other districts. We had two seasons of the Technology sequence in the program A lo grande on TV Peru, with national coverage. With Movistar and its allies, we executed Generación Digital Senior (a project that we reactivated last May, as a result of the pandemic). We venture into international webinars. We were the first to have a Cellular and Tablet course with our own methodology and material in each lesson, we are a reference for the teachers who began to teach at various CIAMs. We reach students who are over 90 years old. We re-open workshops from March 25, 2020 on virtual platforms, managing to incorporate international participants.

AMID does not receive external financing of any kind, we are 100% self-financing, the COVID-19 stage forced us to reduce our work team by 40%. Despite this, firm in our commitment, with great efforts we continue to provide more free spaces.

We currently have six spaces:

  1. Massive conferences (webinar) of open and free participation, where we look for allies for mass calls and specialized exhibitors.

  2. AMID meetings , two days a week we allocate spaces for free technological training, we have two groups. Group 1 on Tuesdays and Group 2 on Thursdays.

  3. Café AMID , free virtual space for conversation. Every Friday with a cup of coffee our older people enter to talk about various topics, with the aim of promoting the level of sociativity, so important in the elderly.

  4. AMID Conversation , where we seek to sensitize relatives of older adults. In coordination with the Human Resources Area, we give talks to collaborators where, in addition to sharing some of the testimonies of our students, we promote good treatment of the elderly and tips on how to help them in their approach to technology.

  5. Express Workshops , virtual group work space where we offer classes in a single session of 02 hours maximum. Small groups that allow them to meet and empathize.

  6. Private classes , virtual space that allows private teaching. The least percentage of our income corresponds, only 15%.

roxana Ruiz, ceo & Founder

“I am Roxana Ruiz, Communicator for Development of the PUCP, Senior Analyst of educational projects. My journey as an entrepreneur began with role models in my childhood. Seeing my grandparents Cira and Raúl Vallejos help their family without having finished high school. Undoubtedly the wisdom of both, they reached over the years. I grew up in the 10 block of Jirón Trujillo in the Rimac district. I learned to type on a typewriter and my first computer course was with 8-inch floppy disks.


Why older adults? They told me many when I started the project. I have three reasons: I had the first thing it takes to work with and for older adults: patience, patience, and more patience. The second is a token of love to my dear Cira and Raúl. Third, I made the commitment to create more opportunities for when I become part of this population, when I become an older adult, because today they are still very rare in our country, in our region. "


Lessons learned: As an Entrepreneur:

  • Failures teach

  • Crises only serve to advance

  • Learning to negotiate is a good exercise

  • If what you do does not excite you on a daily basis, leave it










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