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Acompáñame was born from the vision of being able to make people aware that with a smile and love, the world is transformed. For that reason, our main task is to offer company in the recovery process to the children of the National Children's Institute through visits where we seek to play with them, listen to them and teach them. In this way, the stress, anxiety and sadness that they may be going through, diminishes and turns into joy. In this context of a pandemic, we want to accompany them at a distance by video calls and with learning and entertainment kits to continue developing their skills, capacities and above all, their emotional state.


You can support Acompáñame by donating educational material. The pencil cases are essential so that children can carry out the activities prepared for them with the BrainGym methodology, which seeks to develop different capacities and abilities.



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daniela távara

Acompáñame Coordinator

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Location: Lima, Peru.

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Instagram: @acompaname_vol

How to help?